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All you need to know about casino bonus

If you have delved even a little bit into online casino gaming, then you know by now that bonuses are a big part of each and every casino’s marketing strategy. But most newcomers in the industry only know and concentrate on the sign-up bonus which is given to a player after he or she has signed up and deposited money for the first time. But there are many other bonus types, and you should consider which websites offer you the best bonuses in the long run and not just the sign-up bonus.

No deposit bonuses

Some casinos offer no deposit bonuses. It is usually a fixed sum that is deposited into your account as soon as you sign up. This might seem pretty generous of them, but this amount is usually pretty small and have tons of conditions attached to them that govern how that money can be used.

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Loyalty bonuses

Be it an online roulette casino or a slot gaming website; loyalty bonuses have become something of a norm. These bonuses are meant for players who have been with the casino for a long time and hold exclusive memberships. You can receive very attractive rewards under loyalty programs. For example, you might be rewarded with tickets to a concert or a holiday to a certain place, etc. but most commonly you will be given extra money or free wagers.

Deposit bonuses

These bonuses are given to players who have deposited a certain amount of money. Some online casinos, such as Online Casino Malaysia, even offer a deposit bonus every time you deposit money with them. This can be a really good thing for players as you will get more money to play with than you have invested.

Referral bonus

This can be a pretty useful bonus, especially if you are a social person with a lot of friends and acquaintances. All you need to do is send your referral code to the people you know through emails, IMs, etc. and once they click the link and sign up with the casino, you are given a bonus amount. Some casinos even give you the bonus just for sending the link.

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