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How to Poker Guide to Online Tells

The online poker player must use different skills when reading other players, not body language, which you can observe in the game face to face.

Trust the real bets that the players make

When you look for clues, you should trust the real bets that the players make. It is true that some programs offer “mood” settings, and most of them have a chat option, and while you get information about these players, this will not be your most powerful tool.

As in a face-to-face game, you must see other players, but your biggest weapon in understanding is discovering how they like to bet. Use this observation according to the styles of the game, and you can almost order your hand.

For example, if they call each bet but they rarely go up or retire early enough, you can say they will not know how to play a decent hand when they get it. To begin with, without being conservative with your bets, you probably will not have much money to make a good bet when your hand is good. When you see these players, bet against them if you have a decent hand.

Another question is all-in preflop. If you qualify this person happy wheels demo as a good player, then the probability that his hand is good, and if you do not have a good hand, you do not want to participate.

Another simple and easy story is how much money a person received. In the tournament they will probably only have money they won or lost. If they have a lot of money, they play well and with someone to respect, if they do not play well, maybe they can be a good source of income.

My favorite story online is the speed of the game. A quick challenge is a sign of strength. A slower response indicates a dubious call. For the next round of the bet, the player took it out of hand.


In the cara main poker games of circle, they can contribute previous gains or invest a lot, in one way or another control them closely, because they have to be something successful. Look at the hands that play, some people like to make straight lines and blushes, and they will extend a hand that has nowhere to go in good faith. If you see this behavior, learn to read the flop, turn and river to maximize your return or reduce your loss.


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