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Types Of Straight Bets Associated With Greyhound Betting

Just like horse racing, greyhound racing enjoys its own popularity in the online betting world. While the sleekness and agility of superfast dogs are a pleasure to watch, the unexpected dynamicity of the game makes it a much sought after online betting game. 

With organisations raising voices about the treatment meted out to these dogs, this industry has suffered a slight setback but till such time as dog racing tracks are present; greyhound racing would remain popular with online gaming websites like

Types of straight bets placed

Straight bets deal with the performance of the dogs and the prediction of the winner of a dog race. They are, thus, simple to understand and quite straight-forward in their applications. They are generally divided into:

  • Straight bet to win is a simple bet which enables the gambles to win money in case the dog wins.
  • Place is another type of straight bet wherein bet is placed on a single dog and the punter gets the money if the dog reaches either the 1st or the 2nd position.
  • Show enables punter to win if the dog they bet on comes within the first three dogs at the finishing line.
  • Across the board is a combination bet which comprises of the characteristics of all the above straight bets. Herein three different types of bets, namely the win, place and show bets, are all placed on the same dog. Thus if the dog wins, the punter collects the win bet, if the greyhound comes 2nd, he collects the money from the place bet and if the greyhound comes 3rd, he wins the show bet.

It has been seen that there is a distinct similarity between the straight bets placed on horses and those that are placed on racing greyhounds. Thus people, who are well-versed with horse betting, also automatically do well in greyhound betting.


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